Vision, Mission and Goals


      Tumauini as the premier golden grain city in northern Isabela, the center of excellence for youth science education and leading tourist destination in the region, with empowered and healthy citizenry living  in a peaceful and resilient environment, with competitive economy under a responsive and progressive leadership.


      To attain a better quality of life for the constituents by pursuing priority programs, projects and policies collaboratively supported by both the executive and legislative departments of the Local Government Unit of Tumauini, together with the genuine participation of the community.


1. To develop and produce professionals and skilled workers of high standards for the upliftment of the local economy and for the constituents to have quality life.
2. To improve the health condition of the locality through quality health care services.
3. To protect the social welfare rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors and promote responsive governance.
4. To create a safe, livable and sustainable community.
5. To build a safer, adaptive, and resilient communities towards sustainable development.
6. To develop the physical, mental, cultural and social well-being of the community.
7. To implement priority agricultural and fishery programs, projects and policies of the municipality.
8. To create a favorable climate for business and industry to flourish for a more vibrant local economy.
9. To increase employment rate in the municipality, to increaserevenue for the municipality, to increase the no. of tourist arrivals in the municipality.
10. To enhance accessibility of the municipality to trade and industry through the construction of adequate infrastructure-support facilities and improvement of existing ones.
11. To provide the whole municipality with dependable power supply to all types of consumers for socio-economic growth and development.
12. To provide adequate and safe water systems to all barangays.
13. To increase access and availability of vital information to the residents through modern technology.
14. To protect, conserve and preserve land and land resources of the municipality for sustainable development.
15. Achieve the optimum development and rational utilization, protection, conservation and preservation water resources.
16. To conserve and sustainably use sand and gravel and other minerals in the locality.
17. To protect and conserve resources in the Tumauini Watershed and Forest Reserved and Protected Areas.
18. To contribute to the improved health and sanitation conditions of the populace by implementing an efficient and effective solid waste management program covering the whole municipality.
19. To attain greater efficiency in local governance.
20. To attain self-reliance at the local government unit.
21. To improve local economy and development.
22. To increase transparency and accountability in government planning and use of local government resources.